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BMG e-Bikes

We bring innovative and top-performing electric mobility products such as e-bikes and e-scooters at competitive prices.

With a combined experience of more than four decades, the partners of BMG e-Bikes, a BF Global Trading Limited subsidiary, decided to utilize their import-export expertise and join the e-Bike hype. By dealing directly with the manufacturers and not through national or international distributors, we can offer a wide range of affordable electric bicycles, electric scooters, spare parts, and accessories throughout Atlantic Canada.

Furthermore, with the current public health crisis that made electric bicycles inherently more appealing to users, the company used the opportunity to promote cycling, producing greater social benefits, reducing pollution, and improving urban livability.

Guided in this venture, BMG’s friend Dr. Carman Giacomantonio, a famous surgeon and avid cyclist, enthusiastic about the idea of promoting a healthy lifestyle, had decided to join BMG and share his passion for cycling and expertise in order to help bring a healthier lifestyle to everyone.

3 Good Reasons To Switch To Electric Bicycle Today

Is eco-friendly

An electric bicycle does not pollute the environment. It helps reduce your carbon footprint as no carbon is emitted to the atmosphere, it does not produce annoying engine noises as it is incredibly silent, and at the same time, you protect your bank account and your wallet. What is more sustainable than that?

It saves money

E-bikes have an electricity consumption equal to about $1.4 per 1,000 km. It does not require insurance, no hidden fees, no dealer fees, no taxes and you don’t pay for parking! E-bikes maintenance costs are very affordable and can help you save a whole lot of money over the years. Buying an electric bike is a smart way to spend your money!

You exercise for free!

With the electric bike, you can choose how much effort you want to put into it and when you want to do it; to get to the office effortlessly and dry, for example or to take a pleasant ride and activate your muscles, just by limiting the electric assistance. Do something good for yourself today and become more active. What are you waiting for? 


Our catalogue of electric bikes summarizes all the different mobility needs that an electric bike can express.

Allowing you to choose the ratio between electric assistance and muscle strain, ITALWIN & BMG e-bikes fit the physical and practical needs of those who choose every day the freedom of movement by a not-polluting, agile and fashionable vehicle.


Test Ride


You are a test ride away from your favourite electric bicycle and lifetime experiences.
Choose the model that you are interested in with the help of our experts and ride it today!

Free Tune-Up


We Offer a Free Tune-Up During the First 6 Months After Your E-Bike Purchase


Free PDI


Free PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) with every purchase of e-bike or e-scooter

Ebike Tours


Take your vacation on our E-bike tours, go faster, farther and don't worry about the physical part while still enjoying the exercise, scenery, and fresh air.