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Rent a BMG or Italwin ebike
As no other country in the world is in love with the bicycle like the Italians, If cycling is
one of the true passions in your life, next spring BMG is organizing a cycle tourism riding tour through the three different regions around lake Garda, the scenery, the villages the food,
wine and culture will inspire you every day with new surprises.

As the daily program is not yet complete if you are interested in participating and book
ahead, please send us an email at


Rent a BMG or Italwin ebike

A seven days cycling tour in Colombia is the best way to enjoy your winter vacation. The cycling routes are well-maintained and take you through some of the most picturesque areas of the country. You will be able to see volcanoes, coffee plantations, and tropical rainforests while cycling in short sleeves. And since Colombia is in the tropics, you can add at a reasonable cost an extra week to relax at one of Colombia’s renowned resort beach areas like Cartagena, Santa Martha or in Saint Andres the beautiful coral island between Colombia and Nicaragua.